About the Blog

In late 2019, after many conversations about how best to balance our family life while playing to one another’s strengths, my wife and I decided to try making things work with me becoming a stay-at-home dad. It turned out to be a good time to make that decision as shortly thereafter the world locked down and we entered the world of remote schooling, etc. As a general rule, I try to reflect on life fairly regularly in order to learn from my mistakes. Because I have such a terrible memory, I find it helpful to come up with a pithy phrase or statement that encapsulates the lesson I want to remember, and that will probably be most of what I write about. Most of the time, I opine on these things to my wife, but why should I subject only one person to such treatment? I do not have any special qualifications or authority, so if you like to read what I write, I am glad you are here. If not, carry on wherever you were headed and I promise not to take it personally.