SAHD and Alone: a Personal Growth Story

Even though my wife makes all the money, I still drive the car when we’re together. That’s not a metaphor; it’s just another iteration of playing to our strengths, which is what this whole endeavor is about. Now, be it understood that when I am alone with all the kids for a few days, I am not worried at all that I’ll be able to handle it. As I tell my wife all the time, I’m a professional. It’s very important that you understand that before I describe this next little difficulty that tends to arise during the inevitable business trip.

So, in spite of the fact that I’m accustomed to handling the threenager all day, doing laundry, and cooking on a regular basis, there’s something about knowing you’ll have another adult around for the children to ping-pong ideas off of in the evening that makes the whole day feel easier. At least I know that I’ll have a few minutes where I can ignore the children and eat at the table, and probably manage to do a couple extra tasks before bedtime that I didn’t get to before, all because I’m not the ONLY point of contact for all of my chatter-boxes.

That being the case, I sometimes opt for another easy option – ordering fast food. That’s a bit of a conundrum, though, because even though I drive the car (literally), there are few things that annoy me more than being the go-between for my children’s changing food tastes and the simple question, “What do you want?” My wife manages this admirably, either by yelling across my face (which I accept gratefully in this one instance), or placing a mobile order ahead of time, so all I have to say is, “Actually we put in a mobile order, it’s under Megan.” Even being called, “Mr. Megan,” from time to time is worth it to me. I’ll do almost anything to avoid being the one who has to do a live drive-thru order.

Now, to my personal growth story for the day. I did a thing that would make my wife proud. And no, I did NOT do a live drive-thru order. One of my local chicken sandwich establishments with excellent customer service is doing a promo today that involves keeping your receipt and bringing it back in January in order to get the exact same order FOR FREE that you order today. Now, slightly below live drive-thru orders in the list of things I most wish to avoid? Reporting back to my wife that I did not, in fact, properly take advantage of a promo. I was concerned that I would have to order at the register and keep the receipt (pretty much the same as the live drive-thru thing), so I did another thing I actively dislike: I called customer service IN PERSON to discuss the DETAILS of a promo. If my wife was here, she would pat me on the back. During that very polite conversation I learned that I could do a mobile order, and they would bring me a special yellow receipt in order to properly participate in the promotion. Pretty awesome, I know. I did say I was a professional.

5 thoughts on “SAHD and Alone: a Personal Growth Story”

  1. Is your sigil a coffee cup with a hole in it or a variation on the golden knights logo or more of a mandalorian theme?

    You are very much the professional, I wish I did half as well as you are doing.

  2. You and Megan are both way better than me as I placed the mobile order totaling $87.53 and when I arrived at 5:47 I saw the 1,279 cars in the drive through and promptly hit “cancel” and now everyone is crying waiting for the hamburger helper to be ready

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