Guide for the Engaged Parishioner: a Preamble

How do you know if you’re on the right path? Since most people like to believe they’re good people, basing your judgment of how you’re doing spiritually on how you feel subjectively about yourself can be a dangerous game. You could think you’re doing well, but really you’re just comfortable. Conversely, you could think you’re doing a terrible job, but really you’re just being challenged to grow. Your interior perception of how you’re doing does matter, but it can be helpful to have some external guideposts to give you some clues – something approaching an objective measure against which you can compare your subjective interior. Over time, between spiritual direction, reading, and practice, I’ve developed a few basic ones that I try to use for myself which I think others might find helpful too. Keep in mind this is a blog, so everything I say here has exactly that much authority over your life.

But for that, tune in tomorrow for part one of probably three. I’ve got three to four categories that immediately popped into my mind as I started this post, and then I got distracted by their subcategories and whether or not one worth spending a lot of time on ought really to be called a category or if it indeed is really just a subcategory. By then I realized I still need to start cooking today to keep this train on schedule and I’m well over the necessary 100 words. So, you’re welcome, this is the start of my first series on a theme.