Background Stuff

In addition to setting time aside to actually compose, there are some modest housekeeping items to attend to with managing a blog that I’ve never really bothered to learn before. Today I’m working on figuring out how to set up a recurring email newsletter for folks who have already unfollowed me on Facebook because they’re tired of seeing me post every day, but want the reader’s digest version of topics once in a while. If you go to the menu on the homepage, type in your email, and hit subscribe; you can sign up for the list. Tell your friends.

Before I go for today, I’d like to share one fun fact about how successful I’ve been so far. I’ve got a little readout that shows me some stats about activity on the website that shows, among other things, the number of pageviews over the last 30 days. Right now that number is 540 with a nice looking bright green arrow next to it. The most encouraging part is the ginormous percentage of growth coming in at 17,900%. Call it beginners’ luck if you want, but when you’re starting from zero, the sky’s the limit.